Who's the Smartest FaZe Member? (LOSER GETS TATTOO)

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FaZe Clan

3 months ago

Today we challenged @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Orba @FaZe Teeqo @Cizzorz @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Kay to find out who is the smartest FaZe member, and the loser has to get a tattoo!
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Angus Pilon
Angus Pilon 5 days ago
Tommy got scammed in chess, black made an illegal move putting his king in check
Mohammad Ibrahim
Mohammad Ibrahim 5 days ago
1:17 elon musk
sancoisabishh 8 days ago
isn't faze rug in the team?
WaifusTV 10 days ago
Tommy won that game with a knight
Elsa De jesusyk0 o
Elsa De jesusyk0 o 10 days ago
Elsa De jesusyk0 o
Elsa De jesusyk0 o 10 days ago
Diogo Canesin
Diogo Canesin 11 days ago
Brasil poha let’s go
F L A M E S 13 days ago
The chess battle was fire 🔥
SLIXE 13 days ago
Lucas Hof
Lucas Hof 13 days ago
Idk if anyone knows anything abt check but Tommy should have won at the end because he had the king in check by the horse
Muhammad Rasyad
Muhammad Rasyad 15 days ago
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 16 days ago
So I’m late to the party but the first chess game Alex was in check mate and lost 😂
sean 18 days ago
Where’s Nick?
fpnobelis 19 days ago
that voice tho
VICO TM 24 days ago
Blaxtopolition 25 days ago
Remember when these morons took close 2 million in PPP loans? Each of their faces are so punchable I can't stand it.
Peter Borrero
Peter Borrero 26 days ago
Remember when faze was cool
FaZe xRioTzZ
FaZe xRioTzZ 26 days ago
Andrew Melendez
Andrew Melendez 26 days ago
if you go back to 2014 youll see better content
Marles Forex Journey
Marles Forex Journey 26 days ago
rocket legue torment
Inferno 209
Inferno 209 27 days ago
Where is *FaZe Jev*
sharkythebeast 27 days ago
Rubén de Jesús Bernal López
Rubén de Jesús Bernal López 28 days ago
When I see the tittle Me: FaZe Martoz 😎
Crazycarter 7189
Crazycarter 7189 28 days ago
Where is rug
Dina Elmatboly
Dina Elmatboly 28 days ago
I want to see rug plz
fistticuffs 28 days ago
Stop making stupid people famous please
Ninja RaVen
Ninja RaVen 28 days ago
FaZe = corona help scammers. Why not give the millions to people who actually need it? We could see the parties you were throwing with all the tax payers money and thousands of small businesses, you know, real, actual workers, are concerned about their existence.
RNG spamer
RNG spamer 29 days ago
Who Noticed In 0:23 Balloon Is Spelled Wrong
KENSHIN 夜の襲撃 29 days ago
Was That Cdawg at the Start?
gaming for yt
gaming for yt Month ago
I would've put everything in the balloon in the first clip
simone zerafa
simone zerafa Month ago
Angel Moreno Guzman
Angel Moreno Guzman Month ago
Or what ever you guys want to do but it can only be on fortnite
Angel Moreno Guzman
Angel Moreno Guzman Month ago
Oh and I’m ten I’m kinda good at fortnite my user is Angel.Playz12 I want to 1v1 everyone in faze clan first one to get 3 kills wins if i kill everyone in faze 3 times I can join.Tell me if you want to do this
Angel Moreno Guzman
Angel Moreno Guzman Month ago
Faze clan to join faze clan what do I need to do I I really want to join faze clan
Joe Mass
Joe Mass 27 days ago
you cant be 7 to join faze kid
Life with Jarell
Life with Jarell Month ago
Where faZe rug
TenIQ Month ago
I have a 90IQ and im 9 years younger than him :|
Ken Blyberg
Ken Blyberg Month ago
Highsky is probably the smartest in the clan. Man guys, no offence but Highsky really is the next level guy in whater type of gaming. He is the Messi og gaming
Leonardo Murillo
Leonardo Murillo Month ago
hello your game cod?
Mauro De la Rosa
Mauro De la Rosa Month ago
FaZe stands for EZ AF
Jayden James
Jayden James Month ago
Adolf DRIPler 69
Adolf DRIPler 69 Month ago
I never knew faze is just garbage content now
Youngsamurai Month ago
Dont watch them then 🤣
Ridha Arend
Ridha Arend Month ago
joe Month ago
Rip FaZe
Daniel Cona
Daniel Cona Month ago
Nice guys, stealing millions of dollars from small businesses that needed the money to stay open👏🤡
CasanovaOfTheSeas Month ago
@Daniel Cona How do you know that they claimed such things?
Daniel Cona
Daniel Cona Month ago
@CasanovaOfTheSeas the government was giving forgivable loans (free money) to small businesses who were struggling from due to the pandemic and they claimed they needed millions. Remember they make all of there money online. They have to pay for those parties somehow I guess.
CasanovaOfTheSeas Month ago
what do you mean by stealing dollars from small businesses?
lukie Month ago
Someone’s jealous
DaBaby Month ago
Anyone else wish FaZe still is what it used to be?
Hazzaboy Month ago
wheres faze rug
Largemouth Fisherman
Largemouth Fisherman Month ago
The one that isn't a Faze member.
skyify Month ago
My brother is in Faze why isnt he here
Qaisar Nawaz
Qaisar Nawaz Month ago
$10000000 donaet should I
Scott Suastegui
Scott Suastegui Month ago
Faze fell OFF
Bells ICODM Month ago
what is they make an event CODM
Ali El Afifi
Ali El Afifi Month ago
Hello Faze My Friend Said There Joining FNCS AND Be IN FAZE His Name Is Tyler bigdub13 fortnite is This True?
E7850 Month ago
None of them because they all make equally shitty content now especially jarvis
Sujatha Pinnamraju
Sujatha Pinnamraju Month ago
Dude in the last teeqo made an illegal move bcuz of that his king was in check but these guys didn't see
Alexander Anaya Martinez
Alexander Anaya Martinez Month ago
Who's here, possibly watching their last USposts video together :,( FaZe Up... Don't cry because it's over smile because it happend
AForGottenJoke Month ago
0:23 who ever wrote balloon like that needs to get the same tattoo
Martynas Buikus
Martynas Buikus Month ago
Kert1s Month ago
Ali Alsawy
Ali Alsawy Month ago
Remeber norden rest and peace
Mudit Gulati
Mudit Gulati Month ago
Where's faze rug??
Pulse Shadow
Pulse Shadow Month ago
ngl faze went down hill once jarvis joined
Lucas_moura_the_goat 27
Lucas_moura_the_goat 27 Month ago
U kicked Frazier 😕
Vex on 100 ping
Vex on 100 ping Month ago
Pick up shah pls swaz will delete his channel
Cynthia Harrold
Cynthia Harrold Month ago
can I goin your clan
Didier van Gils
Didier van Gils Month ago
Where the fortnite kids vid at?
ndehm10 Month ago
Anyone else realize they deleted the last video 😂🗑
Zhexify Month ago
@ndehm10 yea I remember it😂😂
ndehm10 Month ago
@Zhexify yeah if I remember correctly something like fortnite kids hide and seek or something. I had turned it off after 30 seconds 🤣 next day it was off the channel
Zhexify Month ago
The hide and seek one right??
Orlando Sanchez
Orlando Sanchez Month ago
thats why im here
Mr Game and play
Mr Game and play Month ago
Yo where is Faze BAMS
CDisc Month ago
all of them r stupid for not realizing that kay won the chess game against tiko
Bang FF
Bang FF Month ago
LOUD The Best. 💚
Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson Month ago
and that is it thx
Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson Month ago
add him to your group pls
Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson Month ago
guys can u pls add absorber pls he is always wearing your merch and he poped up u in his song plss add him march 17 is his bday and it is his dream plsssssssss add him that is all i need pls guys.
NiffyTheGreat 5
NiffyTheGreat 5 Month ago
Who was that faze member that would always wear a hat and had a dog named jack
2 Genders
2 Genders Month ago
fazeclan is dogshit now
lyynex Month ago
I will join one day just wait...
Cum Shoe
Cum Shoe Month ago
Ok I’ll wait
T FreSh
T FreSh Month ago
Jev and Pamaj are just lifting the spirit of what faze really is and was meant to be. A CALL OF DUTY CLAN. But still faze is kinda fun to watch i just wish sometimes they all played cod
Tr1ck3d CSGO 2
Tr1ck3d CSGO 2 Month ago
i just came from watchinga Team Liquid csgo vlog, lmao
Dripz Month ago
They deleted the hide and seek video
Dripz Month ago
@Hyper idk
Hyper Month ago
Ricky Month ago
okay but like why is no one talking about the king being on check by the bishop in the last seconds of temper and nikans game
MDG Gaming
MDG Gaming Month ago
put qwenfycreazyhungarian in your clan he has 2 pr he is pr player
X2OK Month ago
Hardest challenge is the world: join faze clan and don’t get sponsored by bang
Michele Schlotfeld
Michele Schlotfeld Month ago
Can I get some vbucks on fortnite
AMAZA Month ago
when tommy and nikan were playing chess tommy's knighte was checking the king for 2 whole turns
Robert Luviano
Robert Luviano 28 days ago
that was bothering me lol
Jacque Petterson
Jacque Petterson Month ago
Recruit Futives
Blue Month ago
I will buy me the FaZe controller next week
Benjamin Gibson
Benjamin Gibson Month ago
Can I join faze I'm related to Alex he's my cousin and I'm kinda cracked at fortunate please y'all need to sign me up
Blue Month ago
I want to be in FaZe clan too
X0o0X Codm
X0o0X Codm Month ago
Is the voice over Cdawg VA???
Paralix Month ago
for the 1st one its beared power
Rxqy Month ago
Is hope in faze
Braxton Blanchard
Braxton Blanchard Month ago
Plz make a gang
Asendee Month ago
Wtf happened to faze 💀
Nisc Month ago
A quick question what happened to Faze Ewok
AURAXS Month ago
LESS GO Month ago
hey psssst how much to get metaphor in faze???
Jerray Braceros
Jerray Braceros Month ago
can you uplode more pls
Greed Gardner
Greed Gardner Month ago
1:51 That egg is broken on the top my guy.
Lucid Dizzy
Lucid Dizzy Month ago
Remember when FaZe uploaded mw2 episodes everyday? :( Why can't they keep uploading old cod montages, its not like it would damage anything to their business
Mckinnney Month ago
Picture this * man standing with huge cardboard in middle of downtown indicating “ WE NEED MORE VIDEOS FROM FAZE CLAN “
zwebackshyper Month ago
i remember when y'all were cringey cod youtubers we use to clown y'all all the time lmao but now that everyone in faze is more mature and not playing those corny cod games y'all have actually started to make decent content
Viperquan ٌّ
Viperquan ٌّ Month ago
I know this has nothing to do with the video but I told my crush how I felt and she said "it's ok 😉" And I'm really happy
Viperquan ٌّ
Viperquan ٌّ Month ago
@Johan Jo kappil thx man
Johan Jo kappil
Johan Jo kappil Month ago
Congrats brother 🙌
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