How to JOIN FaZe Clan - #FAZE5 Recruitment Challenge

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FaZe Clan

7 months ago

Want to be in FaZe? Just listen up. Good luck!
SIGN UP here:
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Billy Sperbeck
Billy Sperbeck Day ago
I Signed up for faze how do I get the skins for call of duty modern warfare
Hydro Inferno
Hydro Inferno Day ago
Big T
Big T 2 days ago
I am so excited I shalped
Clix Magical
Clix Magical 2 days ago
mURAT kEW 3 days ago
I am from turkey can ı join faze clan ım 13 years old
Raptor PG
Raptor PG 4 days ago
I'm still watching this thinking I have a chance to join Faze. Sure I only have 85 subs, but that's not gonna stop me from trying too join the team in 2021 if they have another.
Chocolatte 5 days ago
Can I Join Faze
Umair Sandhi
Umair Sandhi 6 days ago
Salam apex
Isaaq Dean
Isaaq Dean 6 days ago
idk im only 10 but i still dream of joining faze
FaZe Skele
FaZe Skele 7 days ago
I want join to faze clan
FaZe Skele
FaZe Skele 7 days ago
My name is FaZe Skele
獨自的sam 7 days ago
Faze clan i can't sign in plzzz i am waiting to join the faze 5 years plzz
FazeVenom 9 days ago
I wish that I can join faze
YM PLAYZ 10 days ago
i wanna join faze clan plz
Joseph Mooney
Joseph Mooney 10 days ago
Would love to join Faze!! Made a Fortnite trick shot video
baby techy
baby techy 11 days ago
Can i join plzzz
dyano power
dyano power 11 days ago
I want try outs for your clan
pls y want to be faze
999 Fade
999 Fade 12 days ago
Next Faze5 and I’m going to try to win this shit and if I don’t there’s always next time
Shakila Ahmadzai
Shakila Ahmadzai 12 days ago
Can you add me to the Clan
XX FIRE Gragon
XX FIRE Gragon 12 days ago
No limit that a lie I have no money no edit skills and I have ADHD
Kakashi hatake
Kakashi hatake 13 days ago
KittyKatGames 15 days ago
can i please join faze clan id be great for u please
Oscar Zaleski
Oscar Zaleski 15 days ago
Hi I'm a fan I wish I could be in faze
mohaanesh makenteran
mohaanesh makenteran 16 days ago
Punky 18 days ago
You know, I’m A Very Small USpostsr. (poggies) but I’ve Wanted To Join FaZe For Years, sooo. FaZeUp
YSW jäger Jäger
YSW jäger Jäger 18 days ago
I'm funny I'm good at so many games call of duty black rainbow Six Siege I 360 evertime.
Angela Wroten
Angela Wroten 18 days ago
I love ur vids
Melissa Davidson
Melissa Davidson 18 days ago
I’m gaoted at every game
Jasmine Hawks
Jasmine Hawks 19 days ago
I really wish I could join faze but that is just in my dreams
Rapa28 19 days ago
Can I tryout for faze Rapa28
Titanz ツ
Titanz ツ 20 days ago
I really want to try out for faze and my friend idk him in real life I’m 8 he’s 9 so someday I want to try with him to get in plz reply :(
Davijhoonys 20 days ago
ok ne kkkkkk
Jacques Stavek
Jacques Stavek 21 day ago
Barry Shirriell
Barry Shirriell 21 day ago
Hey I have played every COD there is I never thought I could have an esports team I'm at the point in my my life I can devote my self to the FaZe Clan I would really love to join the team
BOND'S tv 23 days ago
Girl's is allowed in faze clan???
kozmic yt
kozmic yt 23 days ago
are you able to be younger than 13 to join faze5
Lealnutz66 23 days ago
Can I Join Faze
Master Slugger
Master Slugger 24 days ago
Yo Apex I really want to be in faze clan
chefboyvon 24 days ago
My name is chefboyvon remember the name cause one day I will be in faze clan I swear I will FaZe Chefboyvon remember me😌🙂😤
Bolt RaG3
Bolt RaG3 26 days ago
My username is Bolt RaG3
Bolt RaG3
Bolt RaG3 26 days ago
I want to join. I am good at fortnite
AlexOMG playz
AlexOMG playz 27 days ago
can I try out my user name in fortnite is alexansorpros no caps
taker 28 days ago
can i join faze plz
Tony solano
Tony solano 28 days ago
I would like to join been practicing for yrs
FoxyPlayzX Month ago
Joining FaZe is my ultimate dream. I hope I joinnnnnnnnn!
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming Month ago
i want to join faze clan
The Memes Sos wow
The Memes Sos wow Month ago
Isn't it stupid to have a CEO on a gaming team.
Diana Bernal
Diana Bernal Month ago
Can I have a chance please please I love faze clan please please
Robloxmitee Month ago
Please I want to be FaZe_ShaiGai
im gonna join
Yennyzz YT
Yennyzz YT Month ago
How do I join Faze
FBK_ Gaming
FBK_ Gaming Month ago
i want to join my epic is Trxzy YT and im on pc and im cracked i swear
Daring Dave
Daring Dave Month ago
wtf jake was in faze ahahha
Sweatkid Month ago
Can I join
Zain TV
Zain TV Month ago
bro im a huge fan i was watching ever since i was 4 with my brother so can i join your clan
Eden Lopez
Eden Lopez Month ago
Hey can I join faze
me mafgh
me mafgh Month ago
Bro how do you tryout
Arhaan Swaminath
Arhaan Swaminath Month ago
can I join othe clan???
Queenezclapz 1781
Queenezclapz 1781 Month ago
Do you allow girls in Faze clan if so can i pleaseeeeeeeeee join
qxozyfa Month ago
can i pls join the challenge
qxozyfa Month ago
can i join my fortnite nickname is yeet bledderpots
TT9 plays
TT9 plays Month ago
Epic killingkeelan
TT9 plays
TT9 plays Month ago
Can I tryout tommorow
XwzKop Was Wishx23
XwzKop Was Wishx23 Month ago
If I’m in FaZe I will be FaZe_Wish
{Lightning Bolt}
{Lightning Bolt} Month ago
Can I join faze
Joantha Ramey
Joantha Ramey Month ago
Wens the next one I’ll b faze next year on god
SheLuvDylan Month ago
Is it still possible to join clan
Tyiplcal Clan
Tyiplcal Clan Month ago
Hi hopefully I will become a member ots my dream since it came out
Margaret Mulkeen
Margaret Mulkeen Month ago
Can I join
Ian Mussenbrock
Ian Mussenbrock Month ago
Can i join
FPS_JOE Month ago
FaZe 6 ?
BrosPlayz Month ago
Please I been waiting so long to be a part of faze this will be my name Faze Rivas
George Mccampbell
George Mccampbell Month ago
Faze I can join pls
Jahce Jimenez
Jahce Jimenez Month ago
If I ever was I would be older then faze highskys sis
Jahce Jimenez
Jahce Jimenez Month ago
I just wish I can be a faze member
ZAYDENS gaming
ZAYDENS gaming Month ago
Can I plz try out plllzzzz
Scott O'Neil
Scott O'Neil Month ago
Can I tryout for faze
Dripz Month ago
I Wanna Join FaZe, you inspired me to keep up my work! I’ll grind for the next FaZe 5
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez Month ago
Can I tryout how can I tryout
FaZeCaillouYT officials
FaZeCaillouYT officials Month ago
OK :)
Fortnitegod 59
Fortnitegod 59 Month ago
I cant make a vido but ive been getting better and better sience thease two weeks please ive been wanting to join now i can do retakes
Fortnitegod 59
Fortnitegod 59 Month ago
can i join please ive been trying to join for 2 years
Xtreme gaming D.S
Xtreme gaming D.S Month ago
I wish i can join faze but its to late
Twanda Sweet
Twanda Sweet Month ago
can you try to help me
Twanda Sweet
Twanda Sweet Month ago
if i can
Twanda Sweet
Twanda Sweet Month ago
i want to be in the faze clan group so bad im join
imslunthegoat Month ago
Make a 2021 but check the smaller content creators so you see what they can do
Rascal_dg Month ago
Can I tryout even tho it is 2021 and I am 13
Zack Adams
Zack Adams Month ago
Is it to.late to still try out???
Venom Month ago
Ionut Birgoan
Ionut Birgoan Month ago
I do want to get in faze on call of duty mobile
ABUZRR # Month ago
You will make it! I randomly beat some kids and joined now faze - i got a video on my chanel as a proove :)
can i join
ABUZRR # Month ago
You will make it! I randomly beat some kids and joined now faze - i got a video on my chanel as a proove :)
Aleksandra Gelh
Aleksandra Gelh Month ago
So count me in for the future
Aleksandra Gelh
Aleksandra Gelh Month ago
I will really try my best to get on faze clan I would give my life for that one day im gonna join
ABUZRR # Month ago
you will make it! i have a video how to join them hehe
Aiden Prior
Aiden Prior Month ago
can i join faze faze aiden im cracked at fortnite and i can live withe out it and highskys cracked i wanna 1v1 him
SoapzGaming Month ago
Faze clan on top
Ritvik A Thampi
Ritvik A Thampi 2 months ago
hi Faze clan i wan to be in faze pls give tips on being on faze member
faze kid
faze kid 2 months ago
i want to in faze i have over 90+ kills
ABUZRR # Month ago
You will make it! I randomly beat some kids and joined now faze - i got a video on my chanel as a proove :)
Kelsey Summers
Kelsey Summers 2 months ago
i think im pretty good i want to join but i dont have a camra i am 13 years old and yeah bye faze up
Nadine Chami
Nadine Chami 2 months ago
Can I join please
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