Most Expensive Penthouse In The World - FaZe House Hunt

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FaZe Clan

11 days ago

We are still looking for the New FaZe House and today we took at look at The Most Expensive Penthouse in the World!
@FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay @FaZe Nikan @TeaWap @HanRidge
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Dylan Does Things
Dylan Does Things Hour ago
Holy Jarvis
2fps bray
2fps bray 7 hours ago
that house is too complicated
W W 8 hours ago
I guess any Muppet can become famous on USposts these days... 🙄
Daddyghost213 Daddyghost213
Daddyghost213 Daddyghost213 9 hours ago
By the under ground house
AidenChloe 10 hours ago
Hide in seek would take so long
TamillanBro Tamil
TamillanBro Tamil 15 hours ago
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ
MeKi Indonesia
MeKi Indonesia 16 hours ago
ZexFN 17 hours ago
dont stay there you will literrally burn all your money and nikan could not make cooking vids
Abodi Alansari
Abodi Alansari 18 hours ago
So you wanna tell me with this big and huge hotel room and there is no kitchen, like how??
Loh Ahsai
Loh Ahsai 20 hours ago
Random Person
Random Person 23 hours ago
You should get the underground bunker house
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort Day ago
Do the bunker I guess
Jeanelle gamez
Jeanelle gamez Day ago
Sheeeeeesh the house bussin are there more homes bro i have to see all of em to make my decision
Katja R
Katja R Day ago
Cash Weddle
Cash Weddle Day ago
no dont buy that
iamjosephgarcia Day ago
Hell no thats way too much
a m
a m Day ago
Nicken is wired
Huzaifa FN
Huzaifa FN Day ago
Worlds largest in Las Vegas 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mateo Brito
Mateo Brito Day ago
Mikoloplayz YT
Mikoloplayz YT Day ago
3:22 “this is the WORLDS largest flower bouquet in LAS VEGAS “
Sxcrd Connor
Sxcrd Connor 14 hours ago
Ikr I was gonna say that
Blake Panda
Blake Panda Day ago
Ok, you guys need video ideas here I go, literally any public video like trolling ppl like Danny Duncans asking people questions or like your public picking up girl's video type style.
Flamingo-aka Albert idkwhatmynameis
Flamingo-aka Albert idkwhatmynameis Day ago
o I'm in faze I'm faze dace I'm spotty duo partner u said i could join right faze clan? let me know your discord to btw
Kagwanja Jaja
Kagwanja Jaja 2 days ago
the person who pays the most money gets the master bedroom
Lazarus C-P
Lazarus C-P 2 days ago
Ngl Jarvis and kay ruined faze
Pablo Llanito
Pablo Llanito 2 days ago
Why not Try a CASTLE to lived in for a While 🕋🕋🕋🏛🏛🛖
Pablo Llanito
Pablo Llanito 2 days ago
Sorry not worthed keep looking please🐶🐷🥽🥽👟👟
Kingj Gaming
Kingj Gaming 2 days ago
Bunker house
Mateen Dastagir
Mateen Dastagir 2 days ago
Faze clan pls take my cousin in faze he is the god of trickshot
Mateen Dastagir
Mateen Dastagir 2 days ago
Savage Gameer is his USposts channel name
berserk basshead
berserk basshead 2 days ago
Hasta las Gelamos Cagan Juntas
KeijoBoss7 quamina
KeijoBoss7 quamina 2 days ago
nanananannamnana 5.3mill nanananana time to goooooooooo!!!
Bryan Mercado
Bryan Mercado 2 days ago
World's larget bouqet in Las Vegas
Natasia Williams
Natasia Williams 2 days ago
Do it do it do it do it
Leann Fields
Leann Fields 2 days ago
No don’t stay there
Shorty Mac
Shorty Mac 2 days ago
I like that place but a little bit too much expensive and I don't have no kitchen you guys can go find a better offer than that too much for that places
Flxx YT
Flxx YT 2 days ago
Dont buy it
PrexoVFX 2 days ago
Do the other house
FaZe Clan Daily’s
FaZe Clan Daily’s 2 days ago
If You Love The FaZe Clan Like This Comment👍🏻
FaZe Clan Daily’s
FaZe Clan Daily’s 2 days ago
FaZe Clan
Manan Muradia
Manan Muradia 3 days ago
Buy this for 1 year
StaX 3 days ago
remember when they actually played games now there is a shot ton of brits and shot
Anthony Leon
Anthony Leon 3 days ago
Live for a year
Seville Jones
Seville Jones 3 days ago
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo 3 days ago
Doesnt have to be a crazy crib lmfao we know u guys got the bills😭😭
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo 3 days ago
Deff not a smart investment. Take that 6 mill bro and buy a crib
Flamingo-aka Albert idkwhatmynameis
Flamingo-aka Albert idkwhatmynameis 3 days ago
M8 I feel like Hannah using you Bc she said ill date your best friend for the house be careful m8
Anthony Pugliese
Anthony Pugliese 3 days ago
Imagine a helicopter is just sitting outside
Leon 3 days ago
faze was for trick shots now its just cringe pranks etc
Ruben 123
Ruben 123 3 days ago
what i need to do to come to the faze house?
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 3 days ago
Are you telling me the people I grew up with on YT are gone and now I have these kids making the shittiest content possible 🤣
Hilary Malibongwe Shabangu
Hilary Malibongwe Shabangu 3 days ago
Don't do it it's not worth it
Joel Terrazas
Joel Terrazas 4 days ago
Bruhh yall can easily afford it
Elizabeth Gardea
Elizabeth Gardea 4 days ago
Why did she say to nikan ‘what is it daddy’
D DOG ABCD1234 4 days ago
NOOOOOO don't spend that much money
Grover Stewart
Grover Stewart 4 days ago
Can I join the face
seamoose 4 days ago
rip faze clan
NoBoom! NoBoom!
NoBoom! NoBoom! 4 days ago
Bruh you need that house just. Upload like 30 vids per day
Kito 4 days ago
Vegas life but could find something better in Vegas or Boulder City that’s similar to that. If only I could tour you guys for Vegas lol and do videos with y’all
eltaY_Yt лол
eltaY_Yt лол 4 days ago
Lix ay лол
Lix ay лол 4 days ago
Michael Bohannon
Michael Bohannon 4 days ago
Man I wish I could have a house like that😪😪😪😭
DK sypher
DK sypher 4 days ago
Can I join FaZe clan ,🥺🥺🥺🥺
Cam? 4 days ago
Since when did the faze channel become Jarvis’s seconds channel
FaZe BARBATOS 4 days ago
Bro I always want join FaZe
The Pusheen Foundation 2
The Pusheen Foundation 2 4 days ago
I wanna join faze
Kayden's Gaming World
Kayden's Gaming World 4 days ago
mehmet gezgin
mehmet gezgin 4 days ago
i wish i can jion FaZe clan
Broxxbe 4 days ago
Jesus loves yall Repent he is coming soon
Bean Channel
Bean Channel 4 days ago
Don't spend on this time. U GUYS HAVE money to spend on other big houses
light boxed u
light boxed u 4 days ago
I think they should stay there because the faze house was 30m to buy to buy i also don't like it though
Benji Z
Benji Z 5 days ago
Live in cave
Benji Z
Benji Z 5 days ago
Muxvd 5 days ago
How that gonan stay in a hotel
Maliha Plays
Maliha Plays 5 days ago
Don’t buy it it’s a waste of money
Dabeast_one -Plays
Dabeast_one -Plays 5 days ago
That would be my dream
Dabeast_one -Plays
Dabeast_one -Plays 5 days ago
Can i join the faze clan plz
Laura Dachner
Laura Dachner 5 days ago
Guys get Kaiser in faze5
Ramon Villagomez
Ramon Villagomez 5 days ago
Jarvis Is going to kick Michael’s but in the USpostsrs vs TikTokers event
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 5 days ago
Turtle 5 days ago
Keep your 💰
mari trejo
mari trejo 5 days ago
It’s a nice place but to much and honestly I feel like y’all would get very bored there
Rage_Raahim 5 days ago
live there bro
Wavez 5 days ago
@Faze Nathan @nathan ruh
I'm My own person Not your's
I'm My own person Not your's 5 days ago
Less money than the bunker so I would stay there
Lils Gaming
Lils Gaming 5 days ago
No it's gold it's tacky it's disgusting
Henry Calderon
Henry Calderon 5 days ago
other house
SKRISH SDUTT 5 days ago
How much was it?
Shquiles Big boy
Shquiles Big boy 5 days ago
Do not waste money on this house get a house where you guys can film a ton of vids
Video gamer Pro shelly iljzybi
Video gamer Pro shelly iljzybi 5 days ago
ACE 5 days ago
You should move in. You could easily build kitchen and it is not VERY expensive and it is lovely, 6 mill a year means 30 mill for 6 years which you could afford.
look at my subs Faze member
look at my subs Faze member 5 days ago
The past month faze uploads suck
emman el chingon
emman el chingon 5 days ago
hell nah thats way to pricey
Tyler Sinton
Tyler Sinton 5 days ago
Super Boy
Super Boy 5 days ago
Faze rug got this rom in 2018
phrog 5 days ago
oh how far faze has fallen
Shaquan Birch
Shaquan Birch 5 days ago
RYZEN IS A WEEB 5 days ago
Hanna be like: I thINk I WaS ElVis pREsLy In MY pASt life Then Frazier: what wha... do you mean I’m DeFiNItelY ElVis Jk XD😂😂
ENZO bautista
ENZO bautista 5 days ago
can i join faze :)
Malik Jasim
Malik Jasim 5 days ago
Just find new house
Àlvənskìシ 5 days ago
Nikan really said: this is the worlds largest flower bouquet in las vegas
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