Last To Leave Gym Wins $5,000 - FaZe Clan

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FaZe Clan

5 months ago

Watch to the end of the video to see who wins the $5,000.
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FaZe Teeqo
FaZe Teeqo 5 months ago
f those 5k
CJ VISION 5 days ago
Cardenas Patricio
Cardenas Patricio 5 days ago
Yo wtf teeqou
Kapi 7 days ago
It wasn't fair
FF RRULI FF 8 days ago
Jarvis avoids the ball
Electric Shock
Electric Shock 10 days ago
North_TragiiKz Hour ago
North_TragiiKz Hour ago
Bruh what are these chin ups, Tommy was the only one who went down like Atleast almost all the way down
JXSE90 10 hours ago
When they show the money the can goes out of focus 😂😂
MatPlayz 13 hours ago
Tommy def should have won that, alex didn't do the full reps though tommy did it down to his chest
Cody Jackson
Cody Jackson Day ago
GG to everyone
Bz boy
Bz boy Day ago
For benching you have to touch your chest. Y’all not even doing it right 😭😭
Alge 2 days ago
Weston Dair
Weston Dair 3 days ago
Yo you already know Tommy was gonna win
Bennett Shadburn
Bennett Shadburn 4 days ago
Dang Jarvis actually did really good
josh's bullet club
josh's bullet club 4 days ago
Those chin ups were cringe
Magic Cass
Magic Cass 5 days ago
I'm ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TOO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK.
Clutch Jikimo
Clutch Jikimo 5 days ago
Nick Lucia
Nick Lucia 5 days ago
from 185 to 225 on bench? just skip 30 lbs?
Nick Lucia
Nick Lucia 5 days ago
@G.C 9 and yea i see my error
Nick Lucia
Nick Lucia 5 days ago
@G.C 9 why not go to 205? they literally half rep it
G.C 9
G.C 9 5 days ago
U know nothing do u
Rhymez fn
Rhymez fn 6 days ago
why is their t-shirt blocked out
G.C 9
G.C 9 5 days ago
Cause they aren't promoting other businesses
X3NO2323 6 days ago
I thin we can all agree Alex has no clue how to properly bench and Tommy should have won
Daniel Jr. Camacho
Daniel Jr. Camacho 6 days ago
Tommy should have one Alex did not even go all the way down on the bench
Luke Longstreet
Luke Longstreet 6 days ago
Teeqo still had his bad throw tho...
izkey _1
izkey _1 6 days ago
╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗╔╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║╯╰║║║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║╠╣ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━╝╚╝
ELCT GAMING 6 days ago
Everyone be like bro this isn’t fair blah blah blah... Tommy is ripped
The Highlight Real
The Highlight Real 6 days ago
Tommy was robbed
Dylan Mann
Dylan Mann 6 days ago
LGD_Cxyptic 6 days ago
how did teeqo get ou
Beast l وحش
Beast l وحش 6 days ago
13:13 my man lookin possessed /its alex
Nagalakshmi Raj
Nagalakshmi Raj 7 days ago
Why is rug not there
pugboy brawadis
pugboy brawadis 7 days ago
I mean ciz hade air forces 1 they are hevy
Trevyn Thompson
Trevyn Thompson 7 days ago
I’m surprised Jarvis got that far
aleks georgiev
aleks georgiev 7 days ago
Yall so slow at running
HOW_ 7 days ago
Mans Alex didn’t even go all the way down
Blue Knight
Blue Knight 7 days ago
Jarvis didn’t trick me he said the whole internet not me
R P RULES 7 days ago
Bruh alex get help by nikan, nikan touch little bit
I love FAZE RUG 7 days ago
Tommy was cleaner than Alex but GGS mate
PEWDIE PIE 8 days ago
Why is faze rug never in these why?
Sidney Rudd
Sidney Rudd 8 days ago
Alex didn’t even bring the bar down to his chest
moe albanese
moe albanese 8 days ago
Isn’t faze rug apart of the faze clam
moe albanese
moe albanese 8 days ago
Where the heck is faze rug?
Kingz Clan
Kingz Clan 8 days ago
Alex didn’t even put the bar all the way down to his chest
The 3 Lads
The 3 Lads 8 days ago
Mr beast thumbnail
Yung Mogli
Yung Mogli 9 days ago
They blurred a man city shirt with the name Emerson on the back why
Digital Playz
Digital Playz 9 days ago
I thought mans was having a Seizure
Huge Luck
Huge Luck 9 days ago
Is nikan on drugs Alex can’t bench press Tommy won
Myles Cairns
Myles Cairns 9 days ago
Alex got help on bench press so Tommy won
Chellzy 9 days ago
alex did not go down the whole wall on the bar
Logan Scott
Logan Scott 10 days ago
Tgvffggfdfhvcgggtttttttttttt tttt is a great place to go to the beach and get a drink and a drink with a drink and a drink drink and drink a drink and drink drink and a
Arn 10 days ago
All of your gys form on the pullups are terrible 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Golden Wood
Golden Wood 10 days ago
Bro Tommy should have went and he actually went down to his chest
federico Fabretti
federico Fabretti 10 days ago
Alex didn’t go to his chest when benching
FAZE team Usa
FAZE team Usa 10 days ago
Can I join faze please please
ShAaN 148
ShAaN 148 10 days ago
alselevani t
alselevani t 10 days ago
Which stinks
Morgan Kennedy
Morgan Kennedy 10 days ago
Why did yous blur out tommy tshirt brand what did it say
Just illumi
Just illumi 11 days ago
bruh tommy was doin fine reps alex reps wernt real reps
VIVAAN JOSHI 12 days ago
Yo he helped alex
Jake Romano
Jake Romano 12 days ago
Tommy should’ve got the money
Fuck You
Fuck You 13 days ago
Ha ha ha yall can’t be 1% of mr beast bruh
Trevor Silver
Trevor Silver 13 days ago
Bruhhhh I realised that there's no black gent on faze bruhhhh
Xavier Kymdell
Xavier Kymdell 14 days ago
My pul upd score was 29 and im just 13
Oh okay UZ1
Oh okay UZ1 14 days ago
8:48 is BIG waffle
Cameron M
Cameron M 15 days ago
Nice 1/4 reps on the chin ups
Panorama Bequina Fepuleai
Panorama Bequina Fepuleai 16 days ago
Teqo won
Panorama Bequina Fepuleai
Panorama Bequina Fepuleai 16 days ago
Javis is the one that droped it replay it he was going to catch it but he decides to miss it purpsesly
Tyler Hawkinson
Tyler Hawkinson 16 days ago
69k likes. Nice
Marius Olsson
Marius Olsson 16 days ago
That's a lot of no reps
Sofia Belanger
Sofia Belanger 17 days ago
I don't know why but I got so nervous when the treadmill started to go faster lmao
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar 17 days ago
Running is sketchy
Just Ry
Just Ry 17 days ago
MJello 04
MJello 04 17 days ago
Bruh cap. Didn’t even bench press all the way down
Brian IQ
Brian IQ 17 days ago
Cizzors the most un athletic person
TiRa Logicz
TiRa Logicz 18 days ago
Broooo i love all you guys but what even were those pull ups! xD then alex at the end didnt even go to his chest on the final rep hahahaha funny as
? jinkx
? jinkx 18 days ago
I’ve never seen teeqo that mad
B00 YT
B00 YT 18 days ago
Teeqo still had a bad throw life left and he got eliminated
Gabriel Palomino
Gabriel Palomino 18 days ago
Who else thinks the faze house hairs are going back to what they looked like
Gabriel Palomino
Gabriel Palomino 18 days ago
Orba is complaining for them having a gym hey have u heard of at home workouts
Fajar Ondy
Fajar Ondy 19 days ago
Coco Tv
Coco Tv 19 days ago
Alex cheat at the last one
Nick Erickson
Nick Erickson 21 day ago
elvis mirzakhanian
elvis mirzakhanian 23 days ago
yo teeqo guess what i am saying. Hej du skulle vinna det 5 tusen kronorna!
blizzard ddos you
blizzard ddos you 24 days ago
Wtf look at teeqos arms
Tiger M7
Tiger M7 25 days ago
Who’s the kid next to tommy in the first sport
Alp Bulutlu
Alp Bulutlu 26 days ago
Tommy wins alex loses
RANW BAKHTIAR 26 days ago
Benjamin Pecenkovic
Benjamin Pecenkovic 26 days ago
Jarvis can catch that throw he cheated in fortnite from now he started to cheat in real life
FaZe_ J3FfY
FaZe_ J3FfY 27 days ago
Alex didn’t even go to his chest in the bench press
Justin Bejarano
Justin Bejarano 28 days ago
How is that fare Tommy tries to go all the way down shoudent make it but Alex goes nowhere near down like huh still love ya faze
Cael Egli
Cael Egli 28 days ago
O my god🌪🌪🌪
Sue Roution
Sue Roution 29 days ago
I feel bad for cissors he did just break his arm
Angel Carrazco
Angel Carrazco Month ago
Faze clan is the best hope everyone have a great year and hope your staying safe
Dark Vader
Dark Vader Month ago
There is this blerey thing in the middle of my screen
Jayden Cardenas
Jayden Cardenas Month ago
Alex did not even bench correctly he went down and in ch and wen back up and tommy went down to his chats every time lolbtommy should of won
Kyzihr and Kylen
Kyzihr and Kylen Month ago
faze orba is week
Harjot Khatkar
Harjot Khatkar Month ago
O word
Txc_ kata
Txc_ kata Month ago
Alex was doing half of it
Gavin Berry
Gavin Berry Month ago
I have never seen a chinup like this 7:55
MK! Month ago
Temperrr shouldve won Alex wasnt doing it right lol good vid tho
Luke Sembritzky
Luke Sembritzky Month ago
This was so cringe
Isaac Wanta
Isaac Wanta Month ago
Alex has trash form
S L Month ago
Absolutely no one: ... Faze Kay: HoLy
Parker Fam
Parker Fam Month ago
Mate look how far Alex goes down and the other guy in the final. What a cheat
27K_V0V0 Month ago
I like how they blurred out the Manchester City T-shirt I’m a pretty big fan of Manchester city
Victor Elefant
Victor Elefant Month ago
Teeqo gonna win
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